Information Systems homework help.  
5) (10 pts.) Discuss penetration testing versus flaw testing (4 pts).

  • Who would perform the penetration test on a government system? NSA or DHS and why? (2 pts.)
  • Penetration testing can solve a lot of issues for me except…………(2 pts.)
  • What is the most important document to provide the penetration team for their use in the testing? (2-pts.)

6)  (10 pts.) Formal Specifications are very important in what stage of the lifecycle (See figure below)-discuss your answer? Where in the lifecycle would I use both the CMMI Process and formal specification together and why-give an example? 
7) (10 pts.) Design an Audit System (6 pts.)! Which part of your audit system is used to sanitize data (2 pts.)? Which part of the audit system should have caught Snowden (NSA Spy) and why? (2 pts.)
9) (6 pts.) You have two (2) data centers shown below. You are the information security design engineer for Bonner Corporation. You have been asked to develop three (3) requirements for the data centers that address CIA. Please identify the requirements you are addressing and describe it in detail.



Information Systems homework help