Neuroscience meets cryptography ( This is the topic for research paper)
The problem of inventing passwords that you can remember but others cannot guess is an
important open problem in practice. One solution was proposed the last year, where the
person trains to play a small computer game online, and to log in, it has to play it again. The
server recognizes the person based on his or own playing style. It was shown, based on
real experiments with volunteers, that one can easily train the server to uniquely recognize
your own playing style. However, one cannot teach anybody else to play like himself or
herself, and thus this scheme is even secure against the rubberhose attack (i.e., forceful
reveal of passwords).
Research paper MUST be


  • Contents with page numbers
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • The problem
    • Are there any sub-problems?
    • Is there any issue need to be present in relation to the problem?
  • The solutions
    • Steps of the solutions
  • Compare the solution to other solution
  • Any suggestion to improve the solution
  • Conclusion
  • References