Information Systems homework help.

You decided to go to a coffee shop to work on your module 6 critical thinking assignment and while you were waiting for your drink of choice, you noticed that the table across from you was full of people clearly having a work meeting. You happen to overhear the “manager” discussing his expectations of what performance objectives need to be met this quarter and it was evident the team was not performing well to date. Ironically, you just completed reading the lecture materials for the week on leadership versus management and noticed the team seemed very discouraged based on how the manager was presenting what needed to be done to achieve results. It was evident the manager was using more of a “telling” approach versus a leadership “inspiring” approach.
As you sat in astonishment pondering this manager’s behaviors towards his team and observing how his team members were responding, address the following questions in a 5:00+ minute video presentation using a presentation software program of your choice.
1. Based on the scenario, how might a leader have approached this particular situation differently than a manager?
2. What behaviors do you think the manager should work on to improve his leadership effectiveness in his role and why might you choose these behaviors?
3. What might be some examples of strategies this manager could use to help develop his leadership behaviors and why do you believe these would be effective options
Ensure that the presentation meets the following requirements:
8-10 PowerPoint slides.
Include detailed speaker’s notes for all slides except the title and references slides.
Minimum of 2 scholarly references.
Adhere to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.

Information Systems homework help