Research Paper Requirements: 5 pages(excluding references, Index and table of contents) of research material with 10 references from scholarly and peer reviewed articles/ papers.
Currently, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook collect information  on every member they have.  You agree to this collection and usage of  your information when you sign the EULA to join any of these groups.  If  you want to join you have to agree to allow them to collect this  information or you can’t use their platform.  Is this fair?  Whether or  not it’s fair, it is legal.  Once the companies collect the information,  they can use it any way they choose.  They can sell it to other  companies, to politicians, to academics for research purposes.  Why is  this collection of information important and valuable?  Any security  expert is never interested in what people say but rather whatthey do.   Sales and marketing experts also find focus groups and questionnaires  less than completely accurate.  Politicians rip their hair out at the  inaccuracies of polls.  Remember the polls for the presidential race in  2016 had Hillary Clinton winning the election handily, in a landslide?   Donald Trump won despite all the polls saying otherwise.  It is a  truism in security that words always lie but actions can never lie.  In  the case of polls, many people said they would vote one way and then  actually voted differently when they got into the booth.