Topic:   Cyberterrorism vs. cyberwarfare.
For your paper, a minimum of 20 pages and 30 references are required.  Please note!  Meeting the minimum requirements earns a passing grade, a C in other words on your individual paper depending on quality.  Again, 20 pages with 30 references earns a C depending on quality.  If you want to earn a higher grade you will need more pages and more references.  Quantity (more pages and more references) does not necessarily equate to a higher grade.  Poor quality can drag your grade down even if you meet the length requirements.  Be sure you use Grammarly to both check your grammar and check for plagiarism.
Your presentation is 20 minutes long.  For a 20 minute speech you would need at least 15 pages with a minimum of 20 references.  Your presentation will require a PowerPoint presentation sufficient for the 20 minute speech.
The page count does not include title page and reference pages.  Please use the 7th ed. APA student paper formatting for your research papers.  Be sure you have an introduction and a summary with appropriate topics in between.  One final note, I do not like direct quotes (copy and paste) from your sources.  You should research your topic, read the references and then paraphrase your sources.  You are still required to cite your sources.  Every reference requires a citation within the body of the paper and every citation requires a reference.