Information Systems homework help. Instructions for Term Paper B, and for completing the required coursework (due on canvas, on
Thursday, 03/12/20).
Course website:
A. General feedback for the class based on reading Term Paper A
• The quality of work on Term paper A ranged, for the most part, from good (A-) to excellent (A+).
• If I made suggestions for improvement, then you can use these suggestions to revise and re-submit your
paper. Keep these comments and suggestions firmly in mind as you work on Term Paper B (the new
• On composition: Make the paragraph the unit of your composition, which means the following. Start
each paragraph with a sentence expressing a single idea or theme. Then use the paragraph to develop this
single idea (only). Do not jump to other ideas in the same paragraph, unless the purpose of the paragraph
is to compare or contrast two or more ideas. Use real examples from the speaker’s presentation to
illustrate your ideas. End the paragraph with a conclusion/bridge to the next paragraph. Finally, make sure
that your paragraphs tell a continuous story.
B. Instructions for Term Paper B (Topic 2) and for the final submission of the work
required for this course (due in-canvas, on Thursday, 03/12/20):
1. Term Paper A. First complete Term Paper A: This may require you to refine and expand your Term
Paper A based on my feedback and suggestions.
2. Choose a Topic for Term Paper B. For Term Paper B, choose, as the topic, one of the eight
speakers (including today’s speaker) presentations . The speaker presentation that for you choose for
Part B must be different from the one you selected for Term Paper A.
3. Term Paper B. Write Term Paper B using the guidelines that were given for writing Term Paper A.
First create a structured outline for Term Paper B. (Please remember to submit your outline within
the same document.) Then expand this outline into a short 1500-2000 word paper (approximately
6-8 double-spaced pages) term paper clearly structured into sections (and subsections if appropriate)
with appropriate headings for each section.
4. Integration. After completing Term Paper B, add a short creative 300-word section showing
possible links (connections) between Term Paper A and Term Paper B, within the context of the
development, management, and commercialization of technology. Call this section “Integration.”
5. Attach all outlines at the end. It is also recommended that you have a table of contents.
Submit the final version of your completed work (Term Paper A, Term Paper B; Integration; Outline of
Term Paper A, Outline of Term Paper B in 1 single document) on Canvas on Thursday, 12 March, 2020.
(No extensions).

Information Systems homework help