Assignment Read the attached EMR Lab order and results scenarios. Attached are cross functional flow chart (using swimlanes) for the following scenarios

  1. Ordering Labs – using an EMR
  2. Receiving and Communicating Lab Results – using a paper chart
  1. The Clinic is now implementing a new EMR-Lab Interface module that will allow for bi-directional electronic communication with their Lab Center. The Lab integration module will allow for labs to be directedly ordered from the EMR interface and results to be directly integrated into medical records, routed to physicians and integrated in EMR Workflows. See for example sample vendor materials


  1. Analyze the current workflow and describe how it can be redesigned to leverage the new Health IT (EMR Interface to Lab). Specifically include description of tasks eliminated, tasks modified and new tasks created. Describe the potential cost and quality benefits of the redesigned workflow when compared to the previous workflow. Submit
    1. Short report that includes (1) Workflow redesign recommendations (tasks eliminated, modified, created) (2) Cost and quality benefits (impact on workload, errors etc.)
    2. Annotations to current process model describing changes or redesigned process model (Include process image in word document, do not submit files)