You are the new project manager at Garden Decks of Beauty, a local company for the past 12 years in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Your first assignment will be for the Melrose (Todd and Margo + two yippy dogs to drive the neighbors nuts) family who moved into their new home two years ago and now wish to replace the 8 foot by 3 foot slab of concrete, the stoop, which their backyard facing French Doors step onto with a new, luxurious deck area with hot-tub and accoutrements. Their backyard is 80’ wide and 120’ deep and runs at a 5% slope down straight to the back. BTW, Todd and Margo are Iron Triangle lovers – Time / Cost / Quality. Win them and you win their neighbors’ business.
Here are some of their basic requirements:
· A two area deck with the upper level (will step on from the French Doors), being a 5 meter by 7 meter rectangular area
· One end of the upper level will have a 5 meter by 3 meter by 3.5 meter tall pergola – you may use a kit or build and design from scratch
· You will have a single step down to the second circular area which will be 7 meters in diameter and have a 2.5 meter square hot-tub on the far side – this will need electrical and you will acquire and facilitate the installation through the vendor
· You will be able step from the circular area to the yard on a paving stone path which will run out to the garden – the path will be 7 meters long and 1 meter wide – this path will have electrical yard lights
· There will be a 25’ diameter area half way down the path which will have a built in fire pit with seating (4 seats / benches) – the area will use gravel and border stones
· All deck areas will be edged with decorative railing
· The deck framing will set on 4”x4” footers which will be concreted 1 meter into the ground (below frost line) – you will used galvanized hangers to support frame supports
· The lower area will have built in flower boxes 2’x 3’ – three of them
· The upper area will have a gas grill with built in gas service
· You will need a building permit and it will cost 50 dollars
· All railing will have decorative lighting running along it
· Both main deck areas will be fully landscaped around the perimeter with plants, decorative stones, perennials, and bushes. – your team will do the landscaping
· You will have an experienced construction crew of 4 FTE’s which will cost $80/hour including benefits and 1.5 time overtime applies
· You will a team of 2 experienced landscape professionals who will cost $75/ hour and overtime applies.
· Need a couple outdoor, 110 electrical outlets for Xmas lights, etc.
· You will need electrical you will vendor out – determine cost
· You will vendor out the hot-tub installation – determine cost
· You will need a vendor to install and run the gas-line – determine cost
· The deck will be fully sealed with a medium brown stain / preservative
· You will use treated lumber for all framing and you will decide on what product to use for surface boards (wood, synthetic, etc.)
· The upper level will have two built in seats near the grill area (wood) – not under the pergola
· You will need to determine the timeline – will precipitate from the Work Breakdown Structure
· Assume you have all the tools you need
· Any requirements not specifically stated are at your discretion.
You will need to create:
1. Project Charter
3. Statement of Work (SOW)
4. Scope Document 5. Very Basic Drawing (
6. Procurement Process (materials and vendors)
7. Risk and Issues log / matrix
8. Communication Plan
9. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (can use EXCEL)
10. Quality Document
11. Milestone Timeline Breakdown
12. Budget (Will precipitate from the Work Breakdown Structure)