Unit 2 Assignment: Fibreboard Paper Products Corp. v. NLRB
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Read Case 5.10, on page 177 of our textbook. Then answer the following three questions provided at the end of the case study:

  1. What company action caused this complaint?
  2. What remedy did the Board order?
  3. With this decision, did the Supreme Court expand the scope of mandatory bargaining to include all subcontracting situations?

Each question should be included with the answer.  Each question should have an answer of 250-words or more in length.  Your submission should be APA formatted (including a cover page, headings, and in-text citations) and professionally presented in proper academic tone.
See attached rubric for grading criteria and please post any questions in the Ask the Instructor forum.   Submit your completed assignment to the above submission link by 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 2.

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