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External Analysis Assignment
1. Choose a company that your team agrees to study. You will post this company in the Discussion Forum on Blackboard. Once your team chooses it, no other team in the class can write on it, but be aware that you may NOT change your topic once you choose it. Some companies are off-limits; see Blackboard for details. 2. Using the Five Forces model in Chapter 2 of the course text, discuss the state of competition in your company’s industry. At a minimum, your discussion should include:
a. Risk of entry by potential competitors
b. Intensity of rivalry among established firms
c. Bargaining power of suppliers
d. Bargaining power of buyers
e. Threat of substitution
– A formal written report of your findings. Outside research will be necessary, and ALL source material used must be appropriately cited (with quotes noted as such) within the text. Full reference citations must be provided using either APA documentation, or footnotes formatted as full APA-style reference citations. The final hardcopy report must be no more than (10) pages, and should include:
1. Report body
2. References (unless full citations were included in footnotes)
Your report will be graded based on the following objectives:
• Content: Excellent research quality and proper application of course concepts
• Written communication: Well-organized content with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics appropriate for University-level work
• Documentation: Thorough documentation of research material in the proper format
• Format and appearance: Professional formatting and thorough attention to detail
Company: Nordstrom
Positive for Nordstrom showing their banding loyalty has made it hard for any potential competitors from joining the game long term
My part of this essay:
I. Intensity of rivalry among established firms
A. Industry competitive structure
B. Demand conditions
C. Cost conditions
D. The height of exit barriers in the industry

Management homework help