Almost every event requires technology to organize and track the various elements required to make the event successful. There are a wide variety of software programs, online tools, and apps available for event planning. Many of these tools are free or are available for a minimal charge. A successful event manager should be familiar with these tools.

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Read the following article:

Explore some of the products in the article, and then discuss the following:• Which software did you explore? What did you like about it? How could you imagine using it for event planning (or other uses)?• Have you used or heard of any of these event planning tech tools? Which one(s)? Share your experience and what you’ve heard.• Based on what you’ve read about these tools, which one seems the most useful or user-friendly? Why?• What do you think are the benefits of this technology for event planners?• Do these tools offer any benefits for those attending events?Browse the following website:

Choose one article. Share the link with your classmates.• Provide a brief summary of the article. Discuss your thoughts on the article.• What is the most interesting thing you learned?• Was there anything in the article that surprised you? Why?