Management homework help. Wk 2 – Apply: Organizational Analysis


Complete the worksheet based on your chosen organization. Use Business Source Complete and your selected company’s website, annual report, and other available sources.

Part 1: Organization Information


Define your chosen company and its industry.

Mission and Vision

Identify the mission and vision of the organization.



Organizational Initiatives

Outline 1-2 major initiative for this organization. What are they currently doing to support these initiatives?

Organizational Plans

Describe the plans employed by the organization. Determine which types of managers create each type of plan.

Type of Plan Description Type of Manager


SWOT Analysis

There are various factors within the external environment of an organization that impacts its strategy.
Analyze the organization’s SWOT analysis. Identify the internal and external factors. Include a link to the SWOT analysis in the Reference section of this worksheet.

Internal Factors  
External Factors  


Part 2: Evaluation

Evaluate if the mission, vision, planning process, and SWOT analysis meets the current needs of the organization. Include the following in your evaluation:

  • Describe the unmet need, (not limited to product or service, can be new demographic, new mode of delivery, etc.).
  • Analyze your competitive advantages.
    • Based upon the SWOT analysis, is there another business that is doing something similar that can be referred to? Provide examples.
    • If there is not another business, describe how what you’re doing is a unique product or service offering.
  • Propose a competitive business initiative to address the unmet need.
  • Create a high-level timeline and operational steps necessary to implement your solution.


Include a link to the SWOT analysis.

Management homework help