Management homework help.

9) You contact a random sample of 36 graduates of Western University and learn that their starting salaries averaged $28,000 last year. You then contact a random sample of 40 graduates from Eastern University and find that their average starting salary was $28,800. In each case, the standard deviation of the sample was $1,000.
A) Test the null hypothesis that there is no difference between average salaries received by the graduates of the two schools.
B) What assumptions are necessary for this test? The salaries follow a Normal Distribution.
Book: Business Research Methods 13th Edition / Author: Pamela S. Schindler
Chapter 14, question 9.
-500–750 words
-Each answer must be supported by references to at least 2 peer-reviewed sources and 1 biblical integration.
-Use proper grammar and current APA format.
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Management homework help