Management homework help. Supply Chain Management Module Individual Assignment (50% of
Module Mark)
Module leader: Dr Leila Alinaghian
Consider the Global Supply Chain Business Game to answer and discuss the
following questions:
1. The board has asked you to investigate the potential of bringing part of the design,
manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales activities of the classic men’s
trousers in-house. Please explain the decision-making criteria and reasoning that
you would employ and prepare a short report [10%]
• Explanation of decision marking criteria and frameworks (5%)
• Application of criteria and the decision making (5%)
2. Assuming the company decides to bring back some of the manufacturing
operations of the ladies’ summer blouse in-house, what type of relationship you
would develop with potential suppliers (i.e., fashion design houses, cotton suppliers,
packaging suppliers and logistics service providers)? [10%]
• Explanation of decision marking criteria and frameworks (5%)
• Application of criteria and the decision making (5%)
3. What new technologies can be implemented in a fashion retail supply chain to
improve the overall performance of the supply chain? [25%]
• Identification of the problems currently fashion supply chains face (8%)
• Selection of appropriate technologies (7%)
• Discussion of the implications of the selected technologies and the operationallevel challenges that companies may face in adopting the technologies (10%)
Style and presentation including coherent and concise writing, appropriate and
accurate referencing, effective and well-presented figures and tables and grammar
and spelling [5%]
Assignment instructions and tips
• Structure the assignment according to the questions – no overall introduction or
conclusion is required.
• Word count: 1,200 words (+10% tolerance) including figures and tables but
excluding references and appendices. Use the percentage allocation for each
question as an indication of the appropriate word count per question.
• Demonstrate a clear understanding of the concepts and provide valid arguments,
supported by evidence from the case (fashion retail supply chain) and the
materials and tools covered in the module (or from the wider literature)
• The individual report should be submitted to Turnitin (on the Supply Chain
Management Blackboard page, under Assessment) by 20th March 2020.
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