Management homework help. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the two articles: The Best of Best Practices: Critical Success Factors for Identifying and Measuring Industry-Leading Management Solutions and Understanding Victory: Adapting Operational Design to Address Resource Management Challenges. Define the terms process and process integration. Use these definitions to describe at least one process you deploy at your current place of employment or any previous place of employment. Be specific and use course concepts and principles to support the positions that you take. Your initial post should include examples and be at least 200 to 250 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.
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Mark Bosco
9 Mar 20209 Mar at 18:49
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Process- A set of instructions or formal direction to push production from beginning to end.
Process Integration- The procedure of putting instruction into practice. Company management is to develop a plan of action. The plan of action is then carried out through the training program. The training program trains the employees to get them prepared for daily operations.
I work in a factory and there are many different stations that go into the production of our product. To ensure that new hires are prepared for the tasks themselves there is a training area that has smaller versions of all the work areas that new hires spend their first day working within. The training area gives the new hires the opportunity to gain a basic understanding before going to the production floor. However, the training area limits the experience procedure itself, it does not teach the pace of the production floor. To train the new hires about the pace of the production floor, new hires are typically stationed in more of the less strenuous tasks first. Then as they become more comfortable with the pace of production they are transitioned to the more pivotal workstations. This multitiered integration helps make process training more seamless for new hires. It is a very effective plan of action.
Amircal webb
10 Mar 202010 Mar at 2:28
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Hey Class,
According to the text Process is the method for getting work done and consist of a series of steps that turn inputs into outputs. “Process integration is the sharing and coordination of key process between companies in a supply chain (Wisner,2017).”
One process that I deployed at my previous place of employment was the recruit accountability as I mentioned previously in my introduction post. The method was to coordinate with each battalion to notify them to submit their daily count to headquarters by noon. The series of steps included a spreadsheet sent out to each battalion at 7am from headquarters. The five battalions would input their count on the spreadsheet provided in detail of where each recruit stood in in training. Additionally, the count would include numbers of new recruits received, the number of recruits who were held back in training and the number of recruits who graduated. The end result would provide accountable results which included the total of remaining recruits in that battalion. Each battalion would be tasks with filling out the same information and sending the information to the headquarters to integrate the five battalions. After a total count is received the battalion commander is briefed and is able to determine when the next graduation was or how many documents he needed to sign to send “broken recruits” back home.
“By enabling networking experiences for participants, organizations can foster communities of practice that give rise to new best practices and successful business alliances (Carter & Carmichael, 2011).” The newly developed process that was created for recruit accountability was more effect and accurate.
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