Unit 3 DB: Make It Better (HRM308)
Review the following scenario:
Jack recently attended a one-day instructor-led class that concluded with a written assessment.  Throughout the day each lesson was reviewed, which focused on the main points presented during that particular lesson.  While the exam was all multiple choice, very few of the main points that were presented and/or reviewed were on the exam.  Jack, as well as others, was extremely frustrated.
Discuss how applying the ADDIE model and acknowledging adult learning principles could have provided a better learning experience.  What would you have done differently?
Unit 3.1 DB: Executive Orders (HRM341)
Our textbook and one of our resources this week discussed two (2) key executive orders. Consider our readings and your personal experiences.

  • How do these executive orders impact the workplace?
  • Explain how they impact federal, state and local employment labor laws.

Unit 3.2 DB: Occupational Safety and Health Laws (HRM341)
Describe what occupational safety and health laws means to you as they relate to your experiences in the workplace.  In your response, discuss the duties required of employers, required inspections, and penalties for non-compliance.