Unit 2 Section 1 Guided Reading Assignment

FINA 2300
As you read sections of The Richest Man in Babylon, answer the following questions and submit the completed document back to the corresponding assignment in Canvas.


Do a little web research and summarize how and why The Richest Man in Babylon was written and compiled.

The Man Who Desired Gold

Who was Bansir?
What troubled him and why?
What do Bansir and his friend Kobbi decide to do?

The Richest Man in Babylon

Does Arkad attribute any of his wealth to luck?
Why did the young Arkad strike a deal with Algamish?
What mistakes did the young Arkad make when trying to build wealth?
What is the moral of this section?


You may need to do some web research to answer these questions, too.
What is capitalism?
How does capitalism create value?