1.Briefly explain the differences between the three generic strategies: overall cost leadership, differentiation, and focus.  Why are some companies stuck in the middle?
2.Consider the following company for your discussion:
Briefly evaluate which generic strategies do you consider its leadership is using at the present time, what service life cycle do you see fits UBER’s position today? Support your answer with facts or theory.
What potential ethical risks do companies face during the growth stage of the Industry Life Cycle? Summarize the risks.

  1. Differences in the cultures of acquiring and target firms can make integrating firms challenging.

5.Briefly state what you have found to be the most critical steps to ensure that these cultural differences don’t derail mergers or acquisitions, and destroy their value-creating potential? Do you have examples to share?

  1. Briefly explain the concept of a Joint Venture -why are these diversification efforts so ineffective and short-termed? If you disagree, explain why.