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  • Before the field visit (interview) you need to prepare and summarize relevant information about the company using reliable secondary data (official website, documents, annual reports, etc)
  • The interview consists mainly in cross-validation of the information you’ve collected
  • Below are suggested themes and questions you should discuss with the company representative
  • The information collected during the interview should be clearly included in your reports


  • Discuss the current mission, objectives and strategies of the company with the manager

P&G is one of the best consumer goods companies, with many competitors such as Unilever. P&G  is a major firm in the world industry. Every company must have vision and mission to determine and meet its goals/targets that ensure business continuity.
P&G Vision:  
P&G’s vision is “Be, and be recognized as, the best consumer products and services company in the world.”. the company’s goal is to be the “best” in the global market and this indicate how P&G is, compared to other competitors. Also, it shows the potential of the company and its capabilities. The statement shows the company’s characteristics relevant to the condition of the business:

  1. Number 1 consumer goods and products company
  2. Known globally as number 1 in terms of products satisfaction
  3. Market operations in the globe.

P&G’s mission is “We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.” The mission has specific details which affect its direction and strategy. value and Superior quality are stated clearly,. P&G’s mission has characteristics as the following:

  1. Superior quality that add values through Services and branded products.
  2. Improving consumers lives, in present and future.
  3. leading sales, value creation and profit.
  4. People, communities and shareholders’ prosperity

2)Present your finding for the SWOT analysis and discuss them with the manager (compare to the company SWOT analysis)

  • Innovation
  • Products verities
  • Strong reputation
  • Customers loyalty
  • Business verities in term of structure

Points of Improvements:

  • Increased promotional sales
  • Concentration of customers


  • Emerging markets
  • Direct selling to costumers
  • Revamp product experiences


  • Competitions
  • Power and RPM cost

3)Focus mainly on asking about the company strengths and weakness as well as the most important threats and opportunities.
Strengths: the company’s invest to innovate both outstanding products with high quality in addition to equipment that contribute in both gaining the best quality and ease operational life through technologies.
Points of Improvements: the company is focusing on consumers awareness by presenting the benefits of each products and touch their lives by conveying the message to the youth the best way.
Opportunity: P&G is on the way of being 100% green by recycling scraps and all kind of waste other than emissions, as they are already green for the latter source.
Threats: products ban in some countries due to political conflicts are the main threat to the business.
4)Implementation: how does the company prepare for the implementation strategy? Challenges faced?
P&G has prepared several breakthroughs in order to deliver the strong strategy. The breakthroughs are as the following:

  • Increase accountability: by restructuring the organization which has contributed in eliminating one third of the roles as well as increasing the performance of its valuable asset which are the employees.
  • Improve innovation: P&G had a clear plan for innovation that touches consumers lives and grow the business.
  • Brands superiority: P&G’s focus is consumers dependant only. Therefore, brands must be worked out to help both consumers and the business by core verities.
  • Focus on digital: P&G has put a lot of efforts on e-commerce to increase sales.
  • Hire and promote: P&G has created a challenging hiring process in order to have the best of the best who can face challenges and adapt to divers work environment to unleash their potentials.
  • Corporate governance: by having board who is highly active and engaged at all times.

The main challenge for P&G remains the government policies and political conflict which are affecting the business acceleration in present of national and local competitors.
5)What are the main tools and procedures used by the company in order to perform the Control function?
P&G has set a challenging strategy that must be controlled. These controls are as the following:

  • Set a healthy and suitable work environment for the employees to give their best and maximum potential.
  • Set standard work processes.
  • Set targets to compare and check performance.
  • Revision and adjustment of work processes if needed to improve performance based on the data obtained Vs targets.

Due date : Tuesday 24 March 2020 (Report and PPT presentation)

  • Cover page (Title and team members)


  • Table of Contents


  • Introduction (Generally introduce the company and its activity)


  • Current strategy

4.1. Current Mission
4.2. Current objectives
4.3. Current strategies/Policies
5) External environment analysis
5.1. General (market size, market growth, market share)
5.2. Degree of turbulence (changeability, predictability)
5.3. Green Strategy
5.5. Industry life-cycle
5.6. KFS in the industry
5.7. Analysis of the competition
5.8. Company’s strategic links
6) Organization’s strategic resources and capabilities (strengths and weaknesses):
6.1. Corporate structure
6.2. Corporate culture
6.3 Internal resources and capabilities (tangible, intangible, competences and skills)
Due date : Thursday 9 April 2020 (Report and PPT presentation)

  • Cover page (Title and team members)
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction: SWOT from PART 1
  • Reviewing the purpose/mission/objectives (critical analysis as per the SWOT)
  • Suggest reviewed purpose/mission/objectives
  • Suggest strategic alternatives and options (refer to chapters of corporate and business strategy formulation)
  • Analyse the Pros and Cons of the recommended strategy
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and control


Management homework help