Management homework help.


You have an email from the Chief Information Officer, Ms. Boss:

I need you to handle the communication for big changes coming up at SeeMoji.  Investors need to be on board with our growth plan, and our staff members need to understand the logistics of our expansion.
My admin will send you the bullet points of what to include. It’s important to convey the information clearly; I need buy-in from everyone.
Ms. Boss
CIO, SeeMoji

You have an email from Patricia Baker, Ms. Boss’s Administrative Assistant:

Hi there,
I’m Ms. Boss’s admin.  Here are the bullet points she wants you to work with:

  • Size of office space will double, along with rent.
  • Staff size will double.
  • Payroll will be three times current payroll.
  • New hardware and software will be purchased at a cost of $500,000.
  • Emojis and emoji packages will be created more quickly.
  • Half of the new hires will be animation specialists.
  • Animated emojis will be a new product for  SeeMoji.
  • Prototype animated emojis have been very popular with customers.
  • Animated emojis are project to yield a two times increase in annual revenue.
  • All changes are part of a larger plan to improve SeeMoji’s business model.

Investors need to be notified of the changes with a formal letter, which will placed on Ms. Boss’s desk for her signature, so be sure it’s perfect!  Staff will be informed of the changes at our meeting next Monday.  I know you have another meeting that day, so prepare a short video (two to five minutes) that we can play for them.
Since you are new here, review the SeeMoji Document and Presentation Format Requirements file (under the Your Hired! section in Moodle).  Let me know if you have questions.
CIO Admin

Management homework help