Marketing homework help. Sponsorship is often a needed revenue stream to create successful events. In this assignment you will take on the role of a planner for the hypothetical festival. You will build a sponsorship benefits package appropriate for one of the festival options and then research four businesses that would be a good fit to recruit as a potential sponsor by following the prompts in the assignment.
To develop a distinctive sponsor benefits package for an event
To compose a professional introductory letter to a sponsor prospect
To communicate the connection between sponsor prospects (companies) and an event as well as the target audiencen.
Sponsorship Lessons:
Video 1: Types of Sponsorship
Video 2: Why Companies Sponsor Events
Video 3: Development of the Sponsorship Package
Video 4: Sponsorship Recap
Step One: Preparation
Review all Sponsorship Lessons above prior to moving forward with the assignment.
Read the Festival Scenarios below and choose the one that you would like to move forward with for this assignment.
Festival Options:
#1- Artistic Uprising
Artistic Uprising is a colorful art festival merging together various forms of alternative art from the greater Oakland, CA area artists. Various buildings throughout the downtown area will be transformed into whitewashed canvases for artists to create their own murals over the course of two-days. Murals will be voted on at the end of the festival for bragging rights and spot in the mural competition next year. In addition to the murals, there will be art stations for visitors to make their mark on the city, on-site screen printing of the murals, live performances from the underground punk rock scene, and more. Art from the festival will decorate the city for the entire year.
The event will take place throughout several blocks of the city. While there will be participation from local business attendees will be roaming several blocks which will lead to a block party.
Target Audience:
Women 55%/Men 45%
Ages: 30-40
Annual income: $55,000 – $80,000
Caucasian & Hispanic or Latin, Caucasian, African American
Amateur artists
Enjoy urban outdoor events
Tech savvy
Like/have body art
Support the local art scene
Own original street artwork
Enjoy the underground art and music scene as opposed to mainstream
They try to shop local
Read local art publications for event calendars
Live on the outskirts of the city or within city limits.
#2 – ATL Hustle
ATL Hustle is a festival that draws out Atlanta’s underground music scene to celebrate the talent and ambition of young, local hip-hop artists. In addition to main stage performances the two-day showcase will also include street entertainment throughout the park to include drummers, dancers and chalk art. Each day will begin and end with a featured performer that started their career in the greater Atlanta area.
The festival will take place is one of the parks on the outskirts of the city.
Target Audience:
Late teens & Early 20s – early 30s
Annual income: $20-$40,000
Live on college campus or rent and live with roommates or parents
African American & Caucasian
Fans of lesser known hip hop artists
Aware of hip hop and rap news
Urban clothing style
They consider music a hobby
Attend events with friends
They subscribe to a streaming service
They find out about many events through social media outlets
Live in within 10 minutes of downtown Atlanta
#3 – Pure Portland
Pure Portland is a festival that will celebrate the Portlander’s love for the outdoors. Activities will take place throughout the two-day festival to include paddleboard yoga, survival bootcamp for the avid camper, kayaking rentals and tours, bike maintenance stations, trail maps for biking and hiking, and much more. Local artists will perform later in the afternoons, while local breweries and featured restaurants prepare for everyone to return from their adventures.
Pure Portland will take place in a park with access to bike and walking trails that could lead outside of the city. The main venue will be at a park, where the food, vendors, and music will set up.
Target Audience:
Early 30s to 40s
Annual income: $50-$100,000
Rent/own & co-habitat or married
No children
College educated
Active lifestyle
Like to travel to outdoor destinations
Own outdoor gear
Enjoy exploring new restaurants
Shop at REI
Environmentally conscience
Frequently pick up the Willamette Week to check out upcoming events or things to do
Live in the greater Portland area
#4 – Fiddler’s Fusion
The Fiddler’s Fusion festival is an exciting celebration of Irish heritage in the Boston area. The past traditions of Irish dances and dishes will weave together with contemporary Irish arts. The streets will transform into a timeline of local Irish history. Live performances from local musicians and dancers will be met with culinary delights from local restaurants and pubs. Artwork will be displayed to depict South Boston’s landscape over the years and the many faces of Irish influence that has made Southie the proud Irish neighborhood that it is today.
This will be a traditional block party set up taking on the main street through South Boston, East Broadway.
Target Audience:
Irish heritage and/or local to South Boston
Annual Income: $60-$100,000
They are knowledgeable and proud of Irish customs and traditions
Visit the local pubs and restaurants
Grew up learning Irish dancing and cooking
Shop at the local mall for clothing
Visit for local events
New England sport fans
Live in South Boston or on the outskirts of the area
Step Two: Follow Instructions
Select one of the festival options above.
Download the assignment worksheet.
Review the sponsorship at-a-glance and introductory letter examples.
Research and rationalize four businesses that you would suggest recruiting as sponsors for your the festival.
Company #1: Monetary support from a nationally recognized brand with a headquarters or regional office within 50 miles of event city.
AVOID: Media or any food and beverage related businesses. Either of these would fall under in-kind sponsorship will not be accepted for credit.
Company #2: In-kind support from a local beverage distributor.
The company that would receive the request is the local distribution company or local business that sells the product. If a nationally known brand is selected then the product line must be identified and explained.
Example: If a local Coca Cola distributor is selected, then you must decide which product line (Glaceau, Powerade, Dasani, Fresca, etc.) would be requested and why.
Company #3: Media support from a local radio station or publication that would reach the target audience for the event.
Company #4: Monetary support from a small local business
This company must be present in the local community and would be considered a local business. It would NOT be nationally recognized.
AVOID: Media or any food and beverage (to include restaurants or catering companies) related businesses. Either of these would fall under in-kind sponsorship will not be accepted for credit.
Company rationale requirements for each of the selected businesses:
Make the connection between the company’s target market and the event’s audience
Make the connection to between the corporate mission and event purpose
Include an explanation of other events that the company is known to support
Explain the reputation/press available about the company and whether or not it would impact the success of the event
In a Word document, compose a one-page sponsorship introductory letter for monetary support to the local business that you selected. This letter would be your first interaction with a potential sponsor. This type of reach out is considered a cold call and leaves the planner with only one page to make a good first impression. (An example format is provided below.)
Introductory paragraph
Event details
Professional closing
Develop an At-A-Glance chart of a five-tiered monetary sponsorship package with a breakdown of the benefits for each level in the at-a-glance format. (An example format is provided below with monetary levels.)
A minimum of twenty (20) benefits should be provided to the top
sponsorship level with fewer opportunities for exposure as the monetary values decrease.
The chart must provide clear differentiation between the levels and be listed in descending order.
Save this portion of the assignment as a PDF.
Reference page to include research. This must be completed in APA format. ( is a good tool.) A minimum of eight (8) resources were listed to support content within the assignment.

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