Marketing homework help.

Course Objective

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Analyze data sources and uses in the local, national, and global marketplaces.
  • Assess challenges for domestic company marketing globally.


Your CEO in Marketing, Miss Mary Moussoulias, the daughter of the owner, Frank Moussoulias, has promoted you to be in charge of the newly formed Product Distribution Division and wants you to provide her with vital information on the following elements:

  1. An ideal product distribution channel for men’s footwear.
  2. Consult your National Footwear Industry and analyze and evaluate the most successful and profitable members. Collect all vital information/data of the most successful and profitable organizations of the industry that have provided the National Footwear Industry with emphasis on their distribution channels.
  3. With the help of a certified marketing consultant, member of the Institute of Management Consultants in Washington, D.C., conduct a feasibility study on analyzing and evaluating non-traditional distribution channels (online, for example) for footwear and compare them against the current distribution channel you are using.
  4. If you decide to accept the new distribution channel, at least partially, determine the extent of losing old customers and gaining new ones due to the change.
  5. Assuming that the new distribution channel is the most profitable, then conduct a SWOT analysis that will provide you with reliable data about remaining under the present status quo, moving totally to the new distribution channel or having both distribution channels


You must prepare a written work where you respond to the case scenario.  The work must comply with APA academic writing standards.  You must support your answer using 5 appropriate sources that are properly cited.  The paper will be approximately 5 pages in length

Marketing homework help