Marketing homework help. SECTION A (Total 65 marks)
The assignment is based on the case, “Coca-cola goes green: the launch of Coke Life” by Matthias Koch, published by Ivey Publishing, 2016.
Important:  As much as possible, answer the questions in the context of the case scenario at the time of the article. However, if necessary, your argument may be based on more recent information on Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Life (referencing required).
Proper referencing using the APA referencing format is required. There will be a maximum of 10 marks penalty for inappropriate referencing.
The total length of the report must not exceed 2,200 words, with font Times New Roman size 12, with 1.5-line spacing (excluding cover page, table of contents, and references, if any). A penalty will be applied to the reports that exceed the word limit.
Question 1
Assuming you were the CEO of the Coke-Cola Company (TCCC) in 2013, formulate the justification for the decision to launch Coca-Cola Life (aka. Coke Life).
NOTE. In your justification, elaborate on the internal and external factors that may have led to this decision. You may refer to other information about the business situation faced by TCCC in 2013 to support your argument (proper referencing required). (16 marks)
Question 2
(a)  Illustrate how TCCC was satisfying four (4) different customer segments in the soft drink market before the launch of Coke Life.    (12 marks)
(b)  Discuss how Coke Life is positioned to complement TCCC’s existing offering of cola products.     (8 marks)
Question 3
In 2013, TCCC introduced “Coca-Cola Life” to the family of Coca-Cola brands (i.e., Classic, Diet, and Zero). While Coke Life is available in the U.S., it has been gradually rebranded into “Coca-Cola Stevia” in some markets, including Australia (since 2017), New Zealand (since 2018), and Singapore (since 2018).
Compare these two (2) branding strategies in terms of their potential to achieve stronger brand equity.
Note. You may want to research further on the brand elements designed for these two strategies. (20marks)
Resources: Coca-Cola Life USA:
Coca-Cola Stevia Australia:
Question 4
Examine the launch of Coke Life from an ethical perspective.
(9 marks)

Marketing homework help