Marketing homework help. MKTG 3450 – Assignment 3 – Must be typed! – Teams of two – please hand in only one assignment per team.
Pages 1 to 3 use one of the following sellers role  which you were assigned to answer the questions These roles are –  Dynamic Digital Marketing, Fizzy Pop, Haven Air or Stress Free.
Sales Call Planning Guide  –  New Sales Rep
Student names (s)
Seller’s Company:
Seller’s Industry:
Seller’s Products:
Buyers Company:
Buyers Primary business:
Define the Meeting Outcome.  What is a reasonable outcome from your first meeting? If the meeting goes well what is your logical next step? (I.e. Sale, product trial, another meeting? )
2 marks
Know your product – 10 marks – these can be researched!
List at least five features and benefits of your product you believe would be relevant to the buyer

  Feature Benefit

Plan your questions:  Good questions will uncover further information about your prospective buyers current situation. 15 marks
List ten questions you could ask to identify buyer needs.   Indicate what type of question they are problem/ survey, pain/ probing or pleasure/ need satisfaction. (Include at least 2 of each)
Think of the order they should be asked   What questions are relevant to bring out the problem and know how your product solves that problem. Are you asking applicable and quality questions?

  Question – in the form of a sentence Type of Question

Presentation of Solutions 3 marks
What types of proof could you bring to the meeting to add credibility?  Any other materials you would bring?
How will you involve the buyer during the demonstration of product?
CONCERNS – 10 marks
Buyers will usually have concerns about a sale and a salesperson can anticipate that certain concerns may arise during the sales call. Give at least 5 possible questions or concerns by prospective buyer and how could you respond to them. (how would you handle them, techniques from text on handling concerns)

  Concern asked by prospect – in a form of a sentence Response – in the form of a sentence Type of concern –  from text

CLOSING – 10 Marks
Give at least two clues (verbal and non-verbal) you could look for to attempt a trial close or a close:1 mark
Give an example of at least two trial closes. 1- mark

Give examples of 4 types of closes that you could say indicate what type of close it is (except trial close). Based on Textbook -Selling Today.  8 marks

  Close – in the form of a sentence Type of close – from Text

Assignment 3 – Buyers questionnaire –   Naturally Delicious, Total Stop, Imperial General Insurance or Craft Paper. Use one of these role plays to answer the questions on pages 4 -5
Choose to do the one assigned or you could do the buyer role which matched with your seller role as we are no longer role playing these in class. Your choice.
Haven Air – Craft Paper
Dynamic Digital Marketing – Naturally Delicious
Stress Free – Imperial General Insurance
Fizzy Pop – Total Stop
Student Name(s)
Please answer the following questions based on your assigned buyer role.  Must be Typed
The answers must be in your own words and not cut and paste from the buyers role-play sheet.

  1. Name of your company:


  1. What products does your company sell?


  1. What do you do based on your communication style during the sales interview?


  1. What are your key problems


  1. What objections will you raise?


  1. What do you say if the sales person fails to handle your objections appropriately?


  1. How will you handle the sales person close? How many times do they need to ask for the order before you agree?


Marketing homework help