Management Innovation
you will choose an industry sector and in it you are to identify a problem that affects it. Using the innovator’s method and other lessons from this course you will propose a solution to that problem including a series of experiments that test the potential of your innovative solution
you will need to answer the following questions.

  • Question 1: What is the core problem to address?
  • Question 2: What uncertainties exist with regard to the problem?
  • Question 3: Who is the foothold customer persona? (Be descriptive. This needs to feel like a real person!)
  • Question 4: How do the JTBD of the foothold persona connect with the core problem identified earlier?
  • Question 5: Why is the foothold customer persona chosen to be the foothold?
  • Question 6: What are a few potential solutions to the problem at hand
  • Question 7: Which solution is the most promising? why?
  • Question 8: Why does this solution solve the problem for the foothold customer persona and address their JTBD?
  • Question 9: What are the key assumptions and uncertainties?
  • Question 10: Which are the most critical / leap-of-faith assumptions?
  • Question 11: What is the prototype you’ll build for testing each Critical Uncertainty / Leap of Faith Assumption? Which functionality does it lack which the end-solution is expected to include? In what ways will the quality be lower than the one planned for the end solution?
  • Question 12: What is the sample you’ll use for the experiment? Which customers/verticals/regions/domains will you focus on?
  • Question 13: What will the experiment look like? What will you measure? What results are you expecting/requiring?

Food wastage in Restaurant Industry
Like (Food prep wastage, cross contamination and other stuff to do with the food waste in a restaurant kitchen)
First start with the problem facing in the Restaurant Industry of food wastage and then answering the question which is given over there!