Marketing homework help. This video case focuses on the Fiesta Movement, a social media initiative that was used in 2009 and 2010 to Launch Ford’s new Fiesta subcompact car in the USA. A major part of Ford’s new strategy is to focus on smaller, greener, more fuel efficient “global” cars that are built on a single platform which reduces costs and, with some modifications, can be sold in markets around the world. The Ford Fiesta is a global subcompact that was initially introduced in Europe in 1976. When launching the latest generation of the Fiesta in the USA, Ford was aware that there would be some challenges in marketing this model since American’s do not tend to prefer small cars. So rather than using a traditional marketing campaign that relied solely on traditional media advertising, Ford took a different approach that utilized an aggressive social media program which was called the Fiesta Movement.
Watch the following video case:
After viewing the video case (also located in Case Materials: Ford Fiesta ontent page) as many times as you wish, there are discussion topics for you to think about.
1.  As described in the case history video, what were some of the challenges Ford faced in launching the Fiesta model in the US?
2.  Why do people buy small cars in the US according to the video case?
3.  How did the use of social media in China influence the “Fiesta Movement” created to launch the Ford Fiesta in the USA?
4.  How did the 2nd Phase of the “Fiesta Movement” differ from the 1st Phase as described in the video case?
5.  Describe the results achieved and the benefits for the Fiesta brand generated by the “Fiesta Movement”.
6.  What do you think about the “Fiesta Movement” social media campaign?
7.  How did Ford involve their dealer network in the “Fiesta Movement”?
8.  Of the case history discussions to date, how would you compare each in terms of your learning experience? Did you find any to be especially interesting or valuable?

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