Marketing homework help. Exercise #2 Individual Worksheet Format
Print Ad Analysis
Instructions: Choose a print ad for a consumer product or service (not an industrial product or business service) from a consumer-oriented magazine or a newspaper. (NOT ONLINE)
Analyze the ad following the format and answering the questions below. Attach the ad.
Download this worksheet to your computer desktop and use this format to answer the questions. Follow the Question/Answer format. Include the print ad with your submission. Do not delete any questions. Use the space you need to answer each of the questions.
Submit the assignment by uploading this worksheet and print ad in the Assignment Drop Box Exercise 2. Please delete these instructions from the worksheet before submitting.
Please email me with any questions or comments. Thank you.
Exercise 2 Worksheet
Student Name:
Name of Company/Brand:
Product/service category:
Magazine/ newspaper source of print ad:
Print Ad date:
Answer the following questions based on the print ad using the target marketing process:
1. Based on the ad, describe the characteristics that you feel the target group for this ad may have by using as much detail as possible.
2. Describe the type of segmentation used. (demographic, psychographic, geographic, etc. and any combination).
3. Level(s) of needs addressed by this ad according to Maslow’s hierarchy theory? Describe in detail how this need is reflected in this print advertisement.
4. Which stage(s) of the consumer decision-making process does this ad address? Describe in detail.
5. How is the company/brand in the ad positioned? (price, value, etc.) Please explain in detail.
6. Write a statement reflecting what you believe to be the brand’s positioning based on this print ad. (Use this FORMAT: X (This product/service/brand) _____ is (description) ________ for (target) ______ because__________).
If you do not have sufficient information to do so, describe in detail what information is missing.
7. What is your key learning from this exercise?

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