Analyze an existing small residential home to identify how to reduce the energy use from the baseline conditions. Document what improvements you would recommend by showing evidence of why the improvement is beneficial (energy savings, carbon savings, and/or cost savings). Evidence includes a written explanation and your calculations comparing the existing system to your proposed recommended improvement. You must include at least 1 RES in your recommended improvements.

Project Overview

Design a renewable energy system to achieve the following goals:

l) Achieve at least a 50% reduction in energy use compared to the baseline design documented by BTU input required for both cases. (i.e. convert all energy use into Btu/yr

AND show all calculations)

a. Detail the baseline energy use and energy cost

b. Detail your proposed system’s energy use and energy cost

2) State why your system is an optimum investment. (i.e. —justify by your system costs and your return on investment)

3) Bonus

a. For energy reduction greater than 50%

b. For a better overall return on investment compared to the baseline case (note — you  must document your cost estimates and include installation costs)

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