Client Teaching Plan Assignment

Health history: (30%)


  • Choose a client to interview to gather information regarding health history.
  • Conduct the interview in a private setting without distractions.
  • Assure the client that all information will remain confidential and is for student learning purposes.
  • The health history form may be filled out in pencil or pen but must be legible.
  • Thank your client for allowing you to interview him/her.


For the teaching plan: (60%)


  • Summarize client information.
  • From the health history, identify the client’s primary teaching need. 10%
  • Write a nursing diagnosis in PES format related to health education for the client. 10%
  • Write at least 2 learning objectives (desired outcomes) for the client. Utilize action verbs from the list provided.   These need to be measurable and realistic. 10%
  • Outline specific content to be covered with the client. Utilize a nursing journal article that addresses the content.  The article must be current (within the last 5 years).  Include a copy of the nursing journal article with the teaching plan. 15%
  • Identify methods of instruction that will be used. (from the handout given) 5%
  • List ways of evaluating whether the learning objectives were met. 10%


Format: (10%)

  • The teaching plan should be computer generated in Word format.
  • Reference according to APA style







Possible Topics for Teaching Plan


Smoking cessation

Nutrition greater or less than

Seat belts


Stress management

Hand washing

Weight issues

Substance abuse

Home safety



Dental care

Sun exposure

Food safety


Flu prevention

Leisure time activities

Eye/ear care




Guidelines for Obtaining a Health History



  • Greet client by name.
  • Introduce yourself and your designation, what you are intending to do.
  • Provide a private, quiet environment, free of interruptions.
  • Ensure client is comfortable.
  • Ask one question at a time.
  • Ask direct questions.
  • Avoid leading questions.
  • Do not “put words in the client’s mouth”; Allow the client to use his or her own words.
  • Give the client your undivided attention and acknowledge listening by nodding and saying “uh hum”.
  • Promote accurate, complete communications.
  • Be alert to non-verbal communications.
  • Take brief notes.









Please complete the following health history on a client of your choice.  Please conduct the interview in a private setting, and assure the client that all information will remain confidential and is for teaching purposes.


Date: ____________Initials of Client: _______Age: ______Allergies: ___________________


Height: ________Weight: ______Religion: ___________Nationality: ___________________ Immunizations :( Up to date?) ________Date of Last Check-up: _______________________


Place of Birth: (City) _________________


Place of Residence :( Home or apartment): __________________________________________


Family: (Who’s in family/ages/pets) ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Client’s Definition of Health: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Health Problems: (Current or any past history) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Surgeries/Hospitalizations: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Medications: ________________________________________________________________________________________________





Diet: (ask client to describe food intake in the last 24 hours) _________________________________________________________



Sleep : (Hours per night and any problems) _______________________________________________________________________


Job/Profession/Student: (Type of work/school and hours per day) _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Hobbies or Activities other than job/school: ____________________________________________________________________ Exercise: (Type and hours per week) ____________________________________________________________________________


Smoking/Alcohol/Recreational Drugs: _____________________________________________________________________


Elimination: (Any concerns regarding bowel or bladder) _________________________________________________________


Stress: (Sources of current stress): ______________________________________________________________________________

Stress Reduction: (Things done to decrease stress):_________________________________________________________________



Comments or Concerns not addressed: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Summary of Client (Include age, sex, general health status, any specific health problems and family demographics) ___________


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Client Teaching Need Identified _________________________________________________________


Nursing Diagnosis Related to Health Education: _________________________________________________________________


Learning Objectives (Outcomes) Content Methods of Instruction Evaluation
Client will:

























Learning Objectives (Outcomes) Content Methods of Instruction Evaluation
Client will: