HA3300D – Healthcare Policy and Ethics

Assignment 09: Use of Sources

Task: Submit to complete this assignment


During these last weeks of class, you should actively pursue researching and writing your paper. Your final paper must be submitted by the last day of class.

You have already compiled a list of resources you plan to use in your paper. In this assignment, you will think about HOW you will use them.

Step 1

Read “A Source’s Role in Your Paper,” from the Harvard College Writing Program. This resource contains a checklist of questions you can ask about your sources to figure out what role they might play in your paper. Use this checklist to evaluate all of your sources.

Step 2

Write an annotated bibliography for submission to your professor. An annotated bibliography is just a list of your sources, but one that includes a brief paragraph–or “annotation”–below each one. It looks like this.

What to Submit for this Assignment

For this assignment, submit an annotated bibliography of six sources you plan to use in your research paper. Your annotation below each source should include:

.A brief explanation of why you consider this source to be timely, relevant, accurate, and objective–in other words, credible.

.A description of how you plan to use this source in your paper, whether as background information, an argument to engage with, evidence, or something else. See “A Source’s Role in Your Paper” for more examples.