Nursing homework help. Research Paper
Topic: Fasenra treatment for severe allergic asthma in adults.
APA style
16-20 pages (without cover page)
Minimum 10 references

  1. Cover page or title page


  1. Abstract


  1. Introduction
  2. Hook
  3. Background information
  4. Problem statement
  5. Research questions
  6. Hypothesis
  7. Thesis statement


  1. Literature review
  2. At least 5 of the 10 references should be on this section


  1. Methods
  2. 3rd person
  3. Past tense
  4. Step by step the process that have been done
  5. The tools used
  6. How was the tools handle?


  1. Results
  2. Should be in paragraphs
  3. Must include figure, graphs or tables


  1. Discussion (analyze the results) (go back to the problem statement and hypothesis, solve the problem) why do you believe that the results were the same or different or a mix of both


  1. Limitations and implications


  1. Conclusion


  1. References


Nursing homework help