Nursing homework help. Medical Question.
Describe the rational drug choice, pharmacokinetics/dynamics, interactions, side effects, monitoring, and patient education for one of the following:
· Eczema
· Psoriasis
· Allergic dermatitis
· Fungal infection (feet, groin, vagina, ringworm)
Include lifespan information (for instance, does treatment differ in a child versus an older adult versus a man versus a female). Include a description of the categories of topical steroids with selection rationale to include cream versus lotion, and so on.
You can include tables in addition to narrative. Integrate two evidence-based articles no older than three years in addition to the course textbook.
Paper should be in four to five well-developed paragraphs (500–700 words total). Use APA formatting and integrate three evidence-based resources to include clinical practice guidelines within the last 5 yrs.

Nursing homework help