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Size: Font size 12
Spacing: Single
12 APA Style reference and In-text citation
Minimum of 1500 words (References are not included in the 1500 words, but only the content of the written report)
PLEASE READ THE “Sims Hardware Case Study.pdf”. This is a case study!
Assessment Task 1: WRITTEN REPORT
For this assessment, you will need to write a report in no less than 1500 based on a workplace or simulated environment. If you choose to write on a simulated environment, you may use the Sims Hardware Case Study.pdf.
First page only is for Executive Summary:


In this section, this is a summary containing all the main findings and conclusions. This is what a person will think of what the report is saying and decide if that person will read it all. It is not to be confused with introduction. You need to explain in brief about the whole report in here. Don’t explain more than 250 words

INTRODUCTION (This set scene for what is to follow. It should contain)

  • In this section, this is a brief (1-2 paragraphs) summary of the events, which have led to the report being written, the terms of reference or objective of the report.
  • A description of the method of the report follows to achieve this objective. This can be thought of as a kind of annotated table of contents, e.g. “In this section 1, I analyse the different strategies adopted by various tech firms. In section 2, I assess whether the tech firm’s strategies are best form of practices. In Section 3, I assess the solution. In section 4, I present our detailed recommendations and implementation proposals. “This signposting is very important in preparing the reader for the delights to come.



Give overall review of the report which you are going to discuss in here.
Note* in the body section, please paraphrase the question and make a header for each question


In this section, you have to discuss in general how you as a CEO can influence organizational culture, anticipate change and provide strategic leadership in change management.


Give minimum 12 references (must be in APA Style referencing format) and In-text citations.