Operations Management homework help.

Part 1

  • Identify an organization for your case study that serves as an example for innovation:  Blue Ocean, disruptive, fast second, or value. The innovation example must be within the last five years. The best places to find companies for this assignment are Fortune 1000 and Global 1000. Fortune 1000 will give a listing of U.S. companies, and Global 1000 will include companies from countries other than the U.S.(Google the terms.)
  • Explain what this organization did to create or develop and seize the opportunity presented to it.
  • Define which innovation theory fits this opportunity (make sure the theory criteria are defined).
  • Explain how you reached your conclusion. What evidence did you use to make this determination?
  • Analyze the implications of the organization’s innovation strategy on growth

Part 2

  • Has the organization been able to sustain success?
  • What are its prospects for the future?
  • Analyze how the application of strategic management and planning has played a part in defining the organization’s ongoing innovation strategies and business model.
  • Analyze where and how ethics and sustainability affect the organization’s innovation strategy and execution.
  • must be original please

Operations Management homework help