1. Read the opening case study on Harley Davidson (CH 7).This is the basis for your understanding of Process Strategies
  2. Select a business, which will help you analyze specific areas related to designing processes.( Please choose any listed company)
  3. Introduce (very briefly) your selected business – who they are; what do they do; products and services; location(s); mission and values etc.
  4. From what you have learnt so far:
    1. Select 1 process (descriptive)which is useful to design, develop and detail your particular business e.g. I-P-O; Supply Chain & sustainability; CPM; TQM Tools (Flow charts, Fishbone); House of Quality; PCN Analysis; Bottleneck analysis and theory of constraints
    2. Select 1 process (quantitative)which will help you analyze the outcomes e.g. factor analysis for rating outsourcing providers; crossover chart; design and effective capacity; breakeven analysis
  5. Concludewith a critical analysis and present your clear well-thought through perspective (from what you have learnt so far) of the strengths and challenges for the business
  • 3-4 pages maximum
  • Use paragraphs, titles and bullets etc. Where required, use flow charts, graphics and tables
  • Cite all sources using APA Format – which requires both in text and end of paper citations
  • Remember all your work must be spell and grammar checked – mistakes will earn you a lower grade