Psychology homework help. Instructions: choose one question, out of the two below. In your reply, please write at least one page (A paragraph should contain at least 3-4 sentences of developed linked thoughts.) In your answer, please identify your cultural background  (e.g., you may identify socioeconomic variables, race, ethnicity, social values or religious beliefs, political affiliations).
You may submit your work in the d2l classpage under the Activities tab or turn in a hard copy to class. Work is due, Monday, 17th, at 4:40 pm.

  1. Describe discuss the ‘display norms’ (i.e., emotional expression, behavior norms, and customs) for the following situation: how would you introduce a friend or someone you are dating into your parent’s or caretaker’s home?
    1. Identify the environmental and time expectations: For instance, do you inform them ahead of time, or can you ‘drop-in’? Do they meet you in the doorway, or are they waiting for you in the living room? Is it ‘totally fine” to roam about the home, hang-out in the kitchen, den, patio, and bedroom? How long would the introductions last?
    2. Describe the emotional expressions and behavior norms or communication patterns. For example, would your parents, or caretakers, smile and invite them to sit down and eat?? Do they make sustained eye contact, stare, or show quick, sideways glances? What is said and the tone of the verbal communication, such as “how do you do?”, “nice to meet you?” a head nod, and “Hey.” Describe touch norms. For example, how do they greet you, and the date/friend? Do they give a firm, dry handshake, or a warm bear-hug, or a quick hug with a sharp pat on the back, or give a kiss (or kisses on the cheek)?
  2. Describe your experience in living in another culture, and reflect on a ‘cultural experience’ you had. (Please, remember to identify the culture you are referring to and your cultural background).
    1. For example, describe the setting and the environment. For instance, what were the smells, the quality of light, and the sounds? Or describe how the residents’ communicated and expressed themselves? Were they expressive and gestured while talking, or were they quiet, reserved, and soft-spoken? Did they use touch when greeting one another? What was their physical proximity toward one another? Identify eye contact or other communication norms.
    2. Identify your emotional responses (feelings and thoughts) and behavior in the environment or situation.
    3. Describe a memorable, entertaining, and confusing experience or situation you had to navigate. Also, if you’re a psychology major, this question is referencing what is in your long-term “Episodic Memory.”


Psychology homework help