Psychology homework help. There comes a time as an instructor when you must face criticism from a frustrated student. Rather than responding defensively, it is often more helpful to try understanding the student’s underlying issues. How might self-efficacy influence the student’s issues? How might your response affect the student’s level of self-efficacy?
For this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Then read the message posted by Jamie, a “student” in your online introductory psychology class (you have not heard from her previously on this issue). Consider how you might respond to Jamie in order to improve her level of self-efficacy. Finally, think about how theories of self-efficacy might support your approach.

Jamie: I am so confused by this class. I read and reread the assignments, but I just don’t get it. I really don’t think the instructor likes me, (he or she) just isn’t giving clear instructions, and the book is so hard. Does anyone else feel this way?

Assignment (2–3 pages, APA format where appropriate)
Submit your response to Jamie’s post. Your document should include the following parts:

  • Jamie’s original post
  • A response to Jamie’s post that may positively impact Jamie’s self-efficacy
  • An explanation of how you think your response might increase Jamie’s self-efficacy; apply self-efficacy theory to support your explanation

Submit your Assignment by Day 7 of Week 3.

Psychology homework help