Psychology homework help. For this task, you will calculate the mean, median, and mode for a  fictitious data set. These data represent the results of a fictitious  study, which investigates whether a new drug (Drug A) is more effective  than a placebo (i.e., an inactive substance) in the treatment of  depression. The researcher is also interested in whether the effects of  the drug varies by age so participants between the ages of 18-39 years  were recruited (the younger adult group), and participants between the  ages of 60-80 years were recruited (the older adult group). Participants  were randomly assigned to either the placebo group or to the drug group  (Drug A). All participants were first screened to ensure they met the  criteria for depression. After 2 months of taking either the placebo or  Drug A, participants returned to the lab and completed a measure of  depressive symptomology called the Beck Depression Inventory-II  (BDI-II).
Part 1:
For the first part of this assignment, create a table showing the  mean, median, and mode for each participant group and each drug  condition on the score for the BDI-II. The data for each participant are  contained in the “Participant Data” worksheet in the Data1 File. You  may use Excel or you can calculate these values by hand. Your table  should look like the following:
Younger Adults
Placebo Younger Adults
Drug A Older Adults
Placebo Older Adults
Drug A   Mean           Median           Mode
You must have the “Data Analysis” add-in installed. Directions for  this installation are provided in the “Data Analysis in Excel 2016” file  located under your weekly resources. These instructions will also work  for Excel 2010. This document also describes how to calculate basic  descriptive statistics using Excel.
Part 2:
For this part of the assignment, create a bar chart in Excel. You  will need the “Summary Data for Graph” worksheet from the Data 1 file.  Remember, the bar chart shows the means for each condition rather than  individual participant data, and the data in this worksheet have been  organized accordingly.
For the steps regarding how to create the bar graph, review the steps  in “Creating a Bar Graph in Excel 2016” or “Creating a Bar Graph in  Excel 2010,” located under your weekly resources. These instructions  should also work with other versions of Excel.
You should copy and paste the graph you create into a Word document, along with your table showing the mean, median, and mode.
Length:1-2 pages
Your graph and table should demonstrate  thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the  course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this  topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA  standards.

Psychology homework help