Psychology of Parenting- Assignment (25pts)
Create a virtual Child
Instruction: You are the parent. I assigned the (4) milestones, please follow the (4) milestones and the form below and create the child’s footprint of growth process. You are an Authoritative style parent. Please include different theories to teach your child.

Authoritative Style- They are both demanding and responsive. Their disciplinary methods are supportive, rather than punitive. They are more open to give and take with their children and make greater use of explanations (happy to tell you why). They are equally high in behavioral control as authoritarian parents. Can be democratic or balanced: have a lot of love and set high limits. They have a lot of structure.
Different Theories- Attachment Theory, Learning Theory, Sociocultural Theory, Evolutionary Development Theory, Constructivist Theory, Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development, Erikson’s Lifespan Theory of Development, Bioecological Theory of Development, Family Systems Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Name: Emma (Female)

  1. A Miracle
A sentence of the happiness:  
  1. A Message of Mommy
  1. A Message of Daddy
  1. Milestones*****
  Age   Age
1st sat up 8 months 1st day at pre- school 3 years old
1st hiding game 8 months You really like being a big sister 3 years old
1st crawled 9 months
1st stood up 9 months 1st day at Elementary school 6 years old
1st word- “five” 9 months
1st step up 9 months Bullying at school 9 years old
1st called- “Mommy” 10 months 1st day at middle school 12 years old
1st called- “Daddy” 12 months 1st hobbies- Saxophone 13 years old
Potty trained 2 years old 1st day at high school 15 years old
1st day at Day care 2 years old 1st Car Accident 17 years old
1st Trip 2 years old 1st Boyfriend 17 years old
Become a big sister 2 years old 1st Sex Talk 17 years old

You need to include this 2 elements in each boxes below. ( Q 5 – 24 )

  1. Information regarding your child’s development 1 or 2 sentences (Example “At 8 months my virtual child is a very active crawler, he is starting to tolerate solid foods, and is showing he is attached to me more than he is attached to his dad. This makes me happy!” etc)
  2. What you learned about the age range – 1 or 2 sentences stating what you learned about your virtual child or children in general at the age of development you are talking about.


  1. 0- 5 months
  1. 6- 9 months
  1. 10- 12 months
  1. 18 months- 2 years
  1. 1st day at Day Care
  1. 1st Trip- The Free Touch Museum
  1. 3- 5 years
  1. 1st day at Pre- School
  1. 6- 7 years
  1. 1st day at Elementary School
  1. 8- 11 years
  1. Bullying
  1. 12- 13 years
  1. 1st day at Middle School
  1. 1st Hobbies- Music- Saxophone
  1. 14- 17 years
  1. 1st day at High School
  1. 1st Car Accident
  1. 1st Boyfriend / sex talk – Intimacy vs Isolation
  1. 18 years

Last 25. Write 4-5 sentences about your virtual child. What did you learn throughout this process? Did your virtual child turn out as you expected them to? Did anything throughout their life surprise you? Would you have chosen to do anything different as a parent?