Discussion 1

Watch the video “How Biology and Cultures Shape Our Social Roles.” In your initial discussion post, address the following:

  • How has your own upbringing, in regard to gender and culture, impacted the adult you are today?
  • How have changes in technology and media/social media impacted your understanding of gender and cultural norms?
  • In what ways have you changed or stayed the same over time regardless of whatever societal norms impacted your sense of self and your social cognition?

Refer to the video and cite from the text to support your answers.

Discussion 2

Find a good example of a work from the early 20th century (ca. 1900-1950) that either reflects the culture or society in which it was created or has affected society in some way. Then start a discussion about the ways in which the work itself affected society. (E.g. Did it offend people? Who? Why? Did it influence other artists or lead to other avant-garde styles?)

Discussion 3

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Locate and review tutorial help on Microsoft® PowerPoint® functions on the Microsoft® Office website.

Discuss the questions:

  • What is important for you to know about the intended audience before you create your presentation (using Microsoft® PowerPoint® or any other presentation application)? Why?