Reading homework help.

Instead of a final exam, I’d like you to think over what you learned about manga and world graphica through this class. In my estimation, this class as a whole excelled at vizan and group work resulting in some excellent group wikis and even better vizan presentations.
Below are some of the areas I was emphasizing in various ways:
• Vizan, that is, line, panelling, action in the void, etc.
• Understanding through copying– drawing skills for those who desired
• Experience with the various formats of manga (through the manga box)
• History of manga (through Schodt and a few lectures)–not that there is one history of anything, but the idea that histories are constructed and have impact on categories of understanding
• An understanding of manga within world graphica (library browsing & comparison work)
• Browsing and research skills (library work)
• Working well in a group– shared leadership
• Ability to give and take feedback (in your group, in the class as a whole)
• Freedom of discussion (in group, class and forum)–that is, listening and respecting others’ views and stating your own views
What of the above do you think you most took in? Anything I didn’t mention? What are you most satisfied about? What questions do you have as a result of this class that you still would like to think about? Anything else?
ALSO– let me know honestly about your group dynamics. It can help me judge your group work and you can learn for your future from looking back on it. Did you find new leadership ability in yourself? Did you learn to listen better? What else?
Write at least 300-500 words
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Reading homework help