Beautiful Trouble Class Discussion
Critical Multicultural studies work is intense, and we can easily get bogged down with despair as we are working through heavy material. Creative healing work that involves our imaginations is an essential part of the mourning process that happens when we are coming to terms with systems of structural oppression and its impact on our lives.
In this assignment,  you will use the BEAUTIFUL TROUBLE (Links to an external site.) archive to research creative resistance in one area of the ranking system. You will find one protest strategy that captures your imagination and inspires you, and reflect on it here.
to begin, go to the beautiful trouble archive and begin searching through the section titled “Case Studies” and find a TACTIC that inspires you. Once you have found a tactic, write a 500 word reflection here where you summarize the tactic for other students, discuss how this tactic is related to at least one of our course materials, and discuss your own personal experience with creative nonviolent resistance. Your discussion should include information that you learned from the group discussion assignment.
Associated Course
Lecture: Conspiracy Theory