Sociology homework help. supplementary essay,” worth 33% of your final modular grade. Your essay should be 2-3
pages in length, single-spaced, space between paragraphs. For the subject of your essay,
you should choose one of the following three aspects of acts of religious terrorism:
a. religious terrorism as a theatrical act
b. religious terrorism as an aspect of a global, cosmic struggle
c. religious terrorism as a sacrificial act that combats a “manufactured” enemy
While your discussion should be centered in relevant chapters of Juergensmeyer (with
effusive references to his text), in addition you may augment your discussion with creative
research on the internet. However, neversimply copy and paste from the Internet!
***The Book is called Mark Juergensmeyer Terror in the mind of god the global rise of
religious violence******* Chapters 7,8 &9

Sociology homework help