Sociology homework help.

First: Explain the concept “controlling images” in Collins (“Mammies, Matriarchs, and Other Controlling Images”). Why are controlling images more than simply “stereotypes”? What ideological purpose do they serve? You do not need to discuss the specific controlling images in the article (though you could discuss one as explanation), instead, you should explain the concept.
Next: Discuss either Lee OR España-Maram:
Using Lee (“The Cold War Origins of the Model Minority Myth”), explain how the myth of the model minority is a controlling image. How does the film Flower Drum Song demonstrate Lee’s argument?
Utilize España-Maram ( “Brown ‘Hordes’ in McIntosh Suits”) to demonstrate how controlling images can be resisted. What are the controlling images
being resisted? How is the body used to resist?
Finally: Drawing upon Hubb’s book, Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music, discuss the cultural stereotypes of the “redneck”. What ideological purpose does this stereotype serve? Choose a song from the book to illustrate how middle-class subjectivity leads tomisunderstandings of the working class and working-class culture and how it could be a source of resistance for working-class folks.
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Sociology homework help