Sociology homework help.

Sociology Topic: How the use of social media affects individuals in the developmental stages and learning process.
Must come up with and label Sociological theory and methodology for topic.
Research outline is also required
A minimum of 20 scholarly/academic (in entirety) references must be cited. Additional references may also be utilized for this paper (Internet, magazine, newspaper, etc.).
Attached is introduction and annotated  bib that you will add your references too
Topics you may research if you’d like :
-what is the difference between generation z (millennial) and generation y when it come to social media
-social media addiction
-how young social media use starts
-definition of media
-decline of social interaction
-less focus in classroom
-no interactive learning
-maybe research opposite point of view
-briefly speak on improvements of electronic and how it contributes to social media use
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Sociology homework help