Sociology homework help.

The 2 Neighborhoods I’m researching: Civc Center/Downtown Neighborhood and Marina Neighborhood
The Urban Issue I’m researching is: The Increasing Security Threads in SF (Crime)
Through the semester you have the opportunity to engage in a variety of urban research methods with the objective of understanding the dynamics of neighborhood differentiation given an urban issue of your choosing.  In addition to designing, formatting, and producing a professional report as a final deliverable, you will be completing four urban research assignments that are sequentially linked:  1. City, neighborhood, and urban issue selection; 2. Demographic analysis; 3. Neighborhood mapping or a documentary photo essay; and, 4.
Archival research on the magnitude and extents of the issue in these two neighborhoods.
For this second urban research assignment, we are asking you to provide a demographic profile for each of your two neighborhoods.  In this assignment you will be building off the first assignment and then undertaking a variety
of research tasks. As a general model for this assignment you will follow the process below:
Compare the information from each neighborhood and discover what it says.  Use simple text tables or charts with both neighborhoods per table by data/information topic.  If you choose to display information in charts rather than text tables, don’t go crazy with the number of chart types; use only one or two chart types in your
document and ensure they are well-designed, well-labelled, and clear.  Once the graphic (text table or chart) is complete, write a single paragraph per topic explaining similarity or difference and the meanings you find in the comparison.  
At the end of your comparison and topical findings, write a few paragraphs that examine the relationship between your neighborhoods and the urban issue of your focus.  How will the issue impact your neighborhoods or vice- versa? e.g., Are both places impacted the same?  Does wealth have  a role?  What about housing density? How do your optionally selected data topics relate to this urban issue? These are the types of questions you should be asking.
Maintain a measured and professionally objective tone. Justify all your findings with well-considered rationales and data sources. Explain your methods where this is needed. We desire that you produce writing to help us better  understand these neighborhoods. While running a spell check is de rigeur, please make
sure that you proof your writing by actually reading it, to pick up spelling and grammar oversights that falls through the cracks of electronic proofing. Remember that good writing is good editing. A key objective of these
research assignments is to achieve impeccability in your writing.  Push yourself toward that end.  Make sure that your Assignment 2 has an introduction and conclusion.  At the end of your introduction please report on the
data sets you’ve used in the paper and cite these in small font when you show text tables and charts. Your conclusion can consist of overall summary findings from your comparisons. 
The minimum word count is 2000 words the maximum is 4000 words.  Please single space your paper. Use Calibri (or equivalent) at 11 or 12-point font size for the body text of your writing.  You will discover the need to use much smaller font/point sizes for your text tables and charts. Use 1” margins all around.
At the end of your writing, indicate the word count of your assignment (body text only). Make sure your name and Student ID Number is at the top of the first page.  Provide page numbers at the bottom of each page. Pay attention to the production quality of this paper; how it is formatted; and the impressions a reader gets from it. Select a single highlight color for headings and subheadings (and perhaps for text table or chart elements as well).
Format your text tables consistently and with an eye to readability. Use a minimum of framing lines in the text table. Figure out appropriate sizes for your text tables or charts –  given your column widths and document
template. Remember these will all need to be inserted into a document at the end of the semester.
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Sociology homework help