Sociology homework help.  
  Sociology 1010
      Answer only one question and follow the instructions
    Sociology is a scientific study of social relationships within varied social settings.
The research strategies used in studying subject matters include:
participant observation;  survey;  interviews;  diary/journal;   census;
content analysis;  comparative historical data; content analysis;  focus group;

 which of the research strategies (pick 1 and stick to it. Use this as your title/header) do you think best helps in gathering data to study 1 of the following subjects?:
*Why are there more males dropping out of college compared to females over the last 30 years?
*Are there more women initiating divorce than 30 years ago?
*Why are the more high school girls in Zip Code 12345 getting pregnant than the other neighboring  areas?
*Why has the rate of abortion declined over the past 20 years?
*What is the underlying reason for the decline in spousal abuse?
*Are self-identified paraplegics more likely to be denied calls for job interviews?
*Why are women deferring child birth till they are in their 30’s?
*Are rap lyrics more violent and lewd now than they were in the 1980’s?
*Since the 1961, Affirmative Action has led to the employment of more African Americans at the expense of Caucasians
*What is the social life of homeless people like–do they share love, friendship, and fun?
*Children who watch TV 4-5 hours a day do earn good school grades compared to those who don’t.
How would you conduct, or setup, the research to gather the data?   This is the focus of this assignment. 
Avoid citing and referencing sources
Avoid solving the problem; the focus is on the  data gathering process

Sociology homework help