Sociology homework help.

USING  A  SOCIOLOGICAL  APPROACH   Due  Week  9:  120  points
For  your  final  assignment,  you’ll  complete  a  short  answer  activity   in  which  you  will  review  a  research  article  to  identify  the  research   conclusion.  Then,  you’ll  take  another  look  at  that  conclusion  from   the  perspective  of  one  of  the  major  sociological  theories.  Use  the   Assignment  3  template  to  complete  this  assignment.
LEARN   Read  the  Article:   “Money,  Not  Access,  Key  to  Resident  Food   Choices  in  ‘Food  Deserts’  “­‐food-­‐   deserts-­‐2017/   1)   What  were  the  key  findings  and  conclusion  from  the  research?
THEORY   Remember:  The  four  major  sociological  theories  are  Functionalism,   Conflict  Theory,  Symbolic  Interactionism,  and  Rational  Choice   Theory.   2)   Choose  one  of  the  four  major  sociological  theories—   Functionalism,  Conflict  Theory,  Symbolic  Interactionism,  or   Rational  Choice  Theory.  (Review  Sections  1.8  -­‐  1.12  in  your   webtext  for  more  information.)   a)   In  your  own  words,  define  the  theory  that  you  chose.
b)   Discuss  how  this  theory  relates  to  the  research   findings  in  the  article.
EVALUATE   3)   Use  the  article  to  help  answer  the  questions  below.
a)   What  research  method  was  used  in  the  article?
b)   What  are  the  advantages  and  disadvantages  of  using   this  research  method?  (Your  response  should  be  a   paragraph  of  at  least  5-­‐7  sentences.)
See  section  2.9  and  table  2.1  of  the  webtext  to  review   the  advantages  and  disadvantages  of  the  different   research  methods.   c)   What  additional  research  should  be  conducted  to   learn  more  about  the  problem  examined  in  the   article?  (Your  response  should  be  a  paragraph  of  at   least  5-­‐7  sentences.)
FORMATTING   4)   Your  assignment  must  follow  these  formatting  requirements:
•   Use  the  Assignment  3  template  to  complete  this   assignment.   •   References  are  not  required  for  this  assignment  as   you  will  use  the  assigned  article  and  your  webtext.   •   Be  sure  to  include  your  name  and  the  date  on  the cover page
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Sociology homework help