To prepare for this Assignment, using the resources for evidence-based practices, identify an evidence-based practice that may be applicable to your field of practice. Review two research articles demonstrating the effectiveness of the evidence-based practice. Note any similarities or differences between the conditions in which the evidence-based practice was implemented in the study and the conditions in which you plan to implement it.




Submit a 4-page paper that analyzes the implementation of the evidence-based practice in your field of practice to determine if you can expect similar results to the research. The paper should include the following:

o Introduction

o A description of the evidence-based practice that you selected including:

o The population for which the evidence-based practice is intended

o The problems for which the evidence-based practice is intended to address

o A summary of the evidence from the research articles that demonstrate the evidence-based practice’s effectiveness

· An explanation of any differences between the conditions of the study and the conditions on your practice. Explain the potential impact these differences could have on successful implementation.

· A description of the steps that would be required to implement the evidence-based practice including:

o Any factors that would support each step and how you would leverage them

o Any factors that would limit or hinder each step and how you would mitigate them

· A conclusion that includes:

o Anticipated results of the implementation in your practice setting

o An explanation of whether they will be similar or different from the research results from the articles.